Drywall Preparation

Let us repair, patch and prepare your drywall for painting!



So, you’ve decided on a paint job for your house! You’ve picked the right color and decided on the type of paint and now you can’t wait to see how well it’s going to mix with your furniture and the rest of the rooms. However, one of the most important tasks before the painting is preparing your walls - and it’s not the easiest task in the world, to be honest.

Drywall preparation is not all about simply checking for holes and nails… patching, sanding and priming a wall is equally as important! And don’t get us started on the drywall dust! If you’ve ever tried cleaning it by yourself, then you know what we mean.

That is exactly why we offer to take all those prepping-and-cleaning headaches away from you. Our team of professionals has experience and knowledge that make all the drywall preparations and repairs quick and efficient. 

Schedule your free estimate and let us take care of everything for you!