Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Business for 2023

February 6, 2023

A fresh coat of paint and a good team of commercial painters can do wonders for your business. It can be used to make a statement, modernize and update the look of your commercial space, and keep customers confident in your service.

With its transformative power, painting is an easy and cost-effective way to elevate any setting. In this guide, you’ll find trends in colors that will help upgrade the look of your business both inside and out. It will result in a bright new aesthetic that can leave a lasting impression on employees and customers. Let’s dive in!

Take a Look at These 5 Trending Colors

With color trends changing year after year, it can be hard to stay on top of what colors are best for your business. To help inspire and guide you, check out these five trendy colors:


Green is a powerful color that can invigorate any business and stand out against the competition. Many successful businesses use green as part of their branding, showing customers the psychological benefits of associating with the color.

When you’re looking to renovate and change your business, using green is an excellent way to help you take that next step. From offices to shop interiors, green can bring in a modern and calming ambiance that will be very inviting for anyone that visits.


Whether it’s the boldness of red or the vibrancy of yellow, orange combines these colors to create a unique shade that can make your business pop. With its bright and cheerful vibe, orange is an excellent choice for companies looking to evoke a sense of fun and positivity.

It’s also a color associated with energy and enthusiasm for life, making it the perfect choice for businesses that want to inject a bit of excitement into their walls.

Powder Blue

Powder blue is a light and airy color that can bring a sense of calmness to any room. It’s perfect for businesses with open-plan office spaces, as it helps employees relax and focus on their tasks. In terms of painting both the exterior and interior of your business, powder blue can make your company look modern and inviting.

Light Brown

Light brown is another great choice for those looking to make a statement with their business. It’s an earthy tone that conveys reliability and dependability, creating the perfect backdrop for any company to present its services. Light brown can also be combined with other colors to create unique walls and furniture pieces that draw customers in.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the more unique colors on this list, as it brings a sense of luxury and opulence to any room. Perfect for those looking to make their business stand out amongst its competition, rose gold can create an air of sophistication and class.

Use this guide as a starting point to find out what colors will work best in transforming and modernizing your space. 

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